Monday, 9 July 2018


                  Beaut boutique


Beaut_boutique has change my style for a whole day and the lives of my Instagram followers, if you are not following me on Instagram go follow before you continue reading.

How can one look so amazing in this live, so hot that even your mama wanna be you in 23 seconds loll, this out fit is the bomb and it's one of the best summer outfit i have had this year, boutique is a place where every girl will like to be this summer, once you are there, the summer will be on your knees beginning for help.

My look is just amazing not only the way i dressed but also the posture of my body it makes the picture look like am about to sign a Victoria secret contract; i mean!! what else is on my list of pay. 

This out fit is just perfect for outing, clubbing and side-seeing at the beach, 

This two piece are absolutely perfect for a good afternoon with bae when the sun is shining. Not only are they an instant outfit, but they show off your amazing legs and body posture. I recommend styling a boutique for a night out with some sky high heels, blond or black hair wig and a cute clutch bag and you're ready to go. Just to be prepared for the ultimate night out dilemma.

My snap-chat (Gerapink) has become a world of red boutique, i took 41 snaps the day i tried it my two piece on just to be sure that was me, and if i was the right person wearing the outfit. 

Looking for that summer upgrade? Then you've got to outfit to impress! The good news is that these two pieces are just as comfy as they are glam. Why not pair your Boutique with some summery wedges for take-off? extra tip, by wearing you wedges on the plane you'll be saving that all important space in your suitcase. Win Win!! 

For more details about my two piece, click here to buy and its only 2 days delivery to your home address, don't forget to tag me on Instagram and i will comment and like your pictures. Stay bless and continue to share the love. 

love Bln__k 


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