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This set are absolutely gorgeous, it had it's ups and downs from my own experience, but overall it wasn't bad for the price. I did make good use out of the cleanser, mask, and the moisturiser so it definitely was not a waste for me! Before recommending the set, I would have to say you should make sure you definitely know what skin type you have so you know you're getting the correct products. I think my face probably needed the Oily set cause of my dry skin, but then, that could just be because the products made my skin overproduce oils...even though it was the normal skin type set that I used. I'm not so sure... I think I would still recommend Time Wise over this one because I feel like that was worth the money since it gave me better results when I used it back when I was a rep. for Mary Kay. 

Let's start with the Cleanser. This products definitely feels refreshing on your skin, and it'll make your face feel clean. The downside to this product, at least for me, was that it really never lathered or felt soapy in any way. I couldn't tell if it was truly cleaning my face or if I was just rubbing watery lotion all over and washing it off. However, I got a Face Massager and Exfoliator from Amazon, and it worked pretty well with this cleanser. Where I was thinking the cleanser fell short, it made me feel confident that the cleanser was working a lot better. I'm thinking this cleanser probably needs some kind of cleansing brush in order to truly clean off your face within the pores and everything.

It comes in a light pink glass bottle with a very light consistency which doesn’t leave any forms of white cast over the skin. The sun protection factor isn’t that high but it contains a Pronewal System that gives crucial protection during the day. I didn’t like the scent of this as well though. It also comes in the same glass bottle as the day solution except that it’s transparent. I thoroughly enjoy this product because of the light texture of the serum. Much to my astonishment, the rich texture absorbed fairly quickly onto the skin! No sticky residue I assure you 😉 It makes my skin feel plumped up with moisture and pretty much smoothing out any imperfections.

I was rather sceptical with this brand at first because I haven’t encountered nor experienced any of its products before. However, some of the products in the range actually surprised me which I thought was not bad, given that it’s my first time trying them out.
There are actually two different sets here and a body care product that I’ll be talking about – the Microdermabrasion Plus Set, the Time Wise Miracle Set and a body lotion targeting cellulite!
The Microdermabrasion Plus Set (£146) consists of two products – the Microdermabrasion Refine (£68), an exfoliating scrub that helps to take away the impurities and buildup in the pores. Using the same professional grade exfoliating crystals used by dermatologists, it claims to immediately energise skin and reveal more radiant and healthy-looking skin.

Next up were these shy blush, i will note that the pink one in particular was not very pigmented,but the dark pink colour was pretty. I wouldn’t wear cheek puderrouge, but it might be fun to use the dark pink colour to line my lower cheek line for evening. Overall I’d say that these are just okay, they would be fun to try out.

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