Saturday, 2 June 2018


I have to be honest with you all, technology is a curse and a blessing at same time. On the other hand has made my life so much better and easier and has also given me the most amazing look one can ever seek for in this modern world. I can imagine decade ago full face without makeup but now i almost have too many makeup products and i keep receiving more products from brands which are constantly new things to try and keep up with;  However, it is exhausting how we are supposed to know what this is really worth our time and money by buying every single product we see out there just to fed in the term as beautiful ones.
Every-person is beautiful!! Being an open minded person i have been seen with other religions around the world and i love to see how people follow their traditions. I believe we all are same people who are differentiated by clothing style but maybe believe in same God (Different names). My look today is to show you all how possible we all can look the same no matter the clothing we have on .
Looking back at this image and looking back at my past, i have no regret saying it was the best after all creating this act has reminded of lot of things which has made me smile . 

What is L'Oreal true match foundation?

 True match foundation are essentially high coverage tinted foundation with added blinks benefits. Originally made for all skin turn, they gain popularity in the west before making their way to the East. The're ideal for someone who is craving full coverage, perfect, in addition to anyone experiencing hyper or hypo pigmentation. 

 Glow Time and why should we use it? 

L'Oreal has reformulated and relaunched their true match foundation, which you can find in their shades "people" i have personal tried the original foundation and i most confess it is beautiful, great texture and smells good. Shade can be tested at the shop so don't try buying something that's not your shade "warning".
Shade Range: When choosing a shade from the True Match range, I found that there was so many shades to pick from that it got a little confusing. Try and get to a counter that has a good selection of testers, as I found a few stands I went to, the testers had been stolen. I mean who does that!!!  
There are 21 shades in the range, so there literally is a shade to suit everyone!! Golden beige i find it to be a decent shade match, It is warmer and marginally darker, but I really like the shade with my skin tone.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.27.35 p.m.
FINISHING: I adore the finishing texture on my face and love how it makes my skin looking flawless and amazing at same time. It is not a dewy finish nor matte i can't describe these but it is for sure beautiful and smooth on the skin with a radiance glow. Watch this clip for better view Youtube
SKIN TYPE: I am the dark skin type and sometimes which was before i started using  L'Oreal foundation i will have to combine two different shade of foundation to get the real shade for my skin and also for someone who has really dry skin i was frustrated but now L'Oreal has change my skin and my life.
This is the best budget foundation that I have tried for lasting power. It stays but all day, with just the usual wear down around the mouth. No matter what foundation I wear, I seem to get wear down around the mouth. Must be all the talking I do!! Honestly I found that this foundation still looked the same after a full days work.Price:  €14.99 on all L’Oreal stands, but boots often have offers on L’Oreal products. You can buy it online here.
This has been the budget foundation I have been searching years to find. I love this foundation. Like I mean really love it. I love the finish, coverage, lasting power and the warmth it gives my face. I do however know that this is not going to be for everyone. However, considering the price point, I really think it is worth trying, because if it suits you, you really will hit the jackpot with this. I have a feeling that the L’Oreal True match is going to be the budget foundation I repurchase again and again.

Finishing this look with revolution palette from super drug store and headscarf from @Selectfashion full tagging on Instagram, follow me on INSTAGRAM.

Lots of love from Bln__k


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