Tuesday, 19 December 2017


                                  Where there's fashion there's clothes.

This year summer was great, despite the fact that i was busy with work, i also tried making time for my friends and my pet which i got. His name is Tray, he is the sweetest Bunny ever, we had a great summer together.  Uh! its not about my bunny its about Fashion, sorry guys!.

Summer came late this year, compare to Belgium weather. But it was fun, i did some shopping, outing. Keep up with my INSTAGRAM to see my fun pictures.
I have been using my time to get to know new styles, a bit more and becoming comfortable with every style i come across. As you go through my blog you notice i tried almost everything. I put effort, Passion, love, ideas on my styles.

I always say do it for yourself and not for anyone, because no matter how hard you try to be perfect something would always try to stand on your way.

I live it, how i get  it. I treat life the way life treats me back with love 

Not trying to be naughty 

I'm still playing with my rose-gold colour as you can see, it is my number one colour. These dress is so classic and has great material, comfortable and it's easy to pick the perfect shoes for. Dress from Fashionnova you can also get them from Houseofcb. These soft, light, see through jacket is from Shein, it fits very well with my dress, you can only wear these  jacket during summer or fall not for winter, please!!.

I have also fallen in-love with my S-shape, i mean who wouldn't, am living with the lights on and u can see me shining because am ( GREEN. RED. YELLOW). I came from the ghetto and i ain't going back.  My wardrobe is about to fall off, Yeah; i know when ever i go shopping i don't think about my wardrobe until i come home to pack them in. I shop for my S-shape and not  for my height, lol.

Now is the time to shine my dear friends. I wonder how many of you out there right now will say "it's easy for me to say". Well guys I've got a job which i do 13h in a day, 5 days in a week, school, a lover to share my time with, my pet, my family to check on in Africa, only them Africans will understand my statement. WELL! we all need a break after all, don't say you will do it ; tomorrow might be too late to regret.

Are you just starting to realise or you are still wondering where to start. Well,  give me a text if u need me and i will be glad to help. 

Have a great week
Love Gera


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