Monday, 25 December 2017


                                                  MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS

It's Christmas again. The best holiday, some people don't really believe in Christmas while some do. It takes two to enjoy Christmas and one to judge Christmas.           So its finally Christmas, and we all are looking for the best gifts for our love ones, family, and friend, because Christmas is all about sharing gift's, coming together, posting holiday dessert, and dinner recipes which is always a hot topic.Today i'm so excited to share this post with you all and  for two reasons. The first reason because, i have a  great gifts to share with you this holiday season and the second reason is its Christmas. I received some items which i will be showing you all as you read through my blog.

 .Can we talk about Marc b. and their bags real quick?
While I was in London with a friend, I used this bag through out the day (while shopping, grabbing lunch and  watching movies at the theatre) as well as clubbing, as you know, living my life!
Okay attention, this is how i got this bag. 
I have been on the hunt for a quilted bag for a while and my mind has been set on finding one that meets the coveted standards of a classic Chanel handbag. Now I don’t know about you guys but as much as I love Chanel’s quilted and boy bags, my bank balance gives me a side eye for having the thought, so one morning as i was going through my email, i found out i received a message like one week ago, saying "would like to collaborate with me, and they will send me any item of my choice. All i had to do was put in my address and the like of items i would like to receive, and when i receive i just need to take a picture of it, post it on my Instagram and tag them on it"  I had to look for an alternative! And here we are…

 If you are worried about getting make up on it etc, it does come in other colours too!  Don’t be surprised if I’m back with the blush pink one! The bag itself comes with two different removable straps that you can switch according to your preferred style. I quite like strap with their signature laced chain detail. Yes, although it is a cross body bag, it can be carried as a clutch bag too! this bag has three compartments to it and so would be the perfect accessory to fit your many necessities.

I hope you enjoy you Christmas. Despite the cheeky bit of rain, I think we got to enjoy the shooting stars! while i enjoy mine.

Do you think I lived up to it with this look? Or is it because of the bag?



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