Saturday, 16 December 2017


                                                 SHOES FOR THE LOOK

                                                             EGO SHOES 

Hello guys am back again with my fashion and styling. I just received 3 gorgeous per of shoes from Ego, if u don't know Ego don't worry i will leave a link below where u would find their website and Instagram page. But first let's talk about my shoes.
 This heels are called SOLANGE , its beautiful, comes in different colours likes WHITE, RED, BLACK, and NUDE. The blinks are real don't worry you won't loss them, it has zip on the back, and elastic on the ankle.   

These heels are comfortable and not too high, i would recommend them for someone who is small in height or scared to wear heels.
Truth be told! I do like charming high heels for outing like dates or partying with friends. I chose my heels blindly with no point of reference to judge which colour it is. However, choosing the right outfit to match my heels would probably be wise.

One unique thing about these boots is that you do not need socks wearing them, WHY! because they are very warm inside and very comfortable, this heel are not leather so don't worry about them getting spoiled by water. These heels are called BRYONY , i would recommend them to everyone.

What would you wear this heels with?
1. Skinny jeans  
       2. Summer flew dress
      3.Long straight skirt 

If you aren't blessed with height, then high heels should be your best friend. There is no shame being small in height, well short is the new HIGHLIGHT. I find women in heels more more good looking, mature and professionally well dressed. I love my heels these is why EGO is my best online shoe line, check out my INSTAGRAM page and watch me rock my heels.

Biker boots just got a killer update with the addition of SCarlett. Featuring velvet lace up, stud detail and faux leather finish, this is the baddest biker boot around this season! Dress yours with fishnet socks, boyfriend jeans and t shirt for a bad ass daytime look not to be messed with.
Material: Synthetic
Available Colours: BLACK and MAROON

What do u think about my shoes, Would you wear them? if YES! then what are you waiting for SHOP MY LOOK


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