Saturday, 23 December 2017


                                          BUFFET AND WHITE-WINE

There's is not date without dinner. In everything you do baby girl, do not forget your dinner, especially buffet; The best dinner you can ever have with your date in the winter.

So it was THURSDAY. I ans a friend of mine decided to go for a dinner date to taste some tasty Chinese food and some good wine.

Before we went on this date be both were starving, we didn't had any break, nor lunch. So when we got there it was 1 hour earlier and we had to wait in the car. But is restaurant was very clean, well arrange, and has beautiful furniture's.

We may have unceremoniously made ourselves comfortable close to four couples, who sat at a table of four, they were all other each other, without a break.

Anyways, the cocktail menu was overwhelming. You just need to know the kind fruits you want, and you would be able to manipulate through it without any stress. But like you all know me, i do with White or Red -Wine. The foods were lovely.
1. Chinese-style deep fried salty shrimp, Mandarin shrimps, Mushroom-beef, Wine.
2. Deep fried shrimps, Beef chop suey, BBQ ribs, Deep fried chips, Pina cocktail.

Mandarin shrimp, Greens, Hot chilly pepper, Mandarin beef.

After the fourth plate food and third glass of white wine, i had to take a break, because the food couldn't go in anymore. The Staff's were friendly and they attended to all of my request , you don't need to stand up or shout out for them because they were just walking around to re-fill or clear the table. We received fabulous service.

It didn't end there. Where the dessert at!? For dessert we went for ice-cream and fruits.

Ice-cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea)
Fruit (plum, melon,  pineapple)

We ended the day with our two gifts, with a glass of white wine each. It was a lovely evening, i would recommend this restaurant to anyone, don't for get try the cocktails, and the white wine, because you would love them.

Don't over feed yourself.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love Gera


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