Wednesday, 6 September 2017



what is beauty?.
Beauty is a characteristic of an animal, ideal, object, person or place that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure .
  Beauty is me and you, how many people out there has accepted who they really are inside but yet it doesn't matter whether you are filled with plastic or gold we all are beautiful. Some people go too far with their beauty , never judge them, they love themselves like you love yourself live from it and don't hate on it .

My make-up today is all about me simply and classic , i let my make up choose what i wear for a day cause it's all about me and my beauty . I learn from other and love to see others learn from me .my earrings are from @clair's shop in the Uk , i used dark-foundation on my face and @mac dark pencil on my Brows , outfit from @fashionnova .

Hair : ninja bun 
this is my first time doing a ninja bun. beauty is all about taking a risk in beauty , try it , keep going until you learn never give up .

how to buns; First of all make sure you comb you hair or blue-dry it out for it to be smooth and soft , then apply you Gel , i used Ego-gel then use your brush to smoothing the gel on your hair ,hold your hair in a bun make sure its really smooth and tied , then get your extension , make sure there isn't any tangle on your extension ,put your finger in the middle of the extension and divide it in to 2 , let the edges touch each other and let it be really straight, then put a hair band in the middle of the extension and hold in onto your hair like a ponytail and really tied. twist the extension and go round your hair bun hair till you reach the end of the extension then use a hairpin to pin the edge of the hair , then put more gel on your hair and brush you hair for it to be smooth , for Baby hair use a soft toothbrush for your edge . You can use a hand dryer to make it dry and you can also use a head tie to hold you hair for some minutes then you're good to go.

Today is a day to learn and this day you have learned something really good. beauty is all about you and nothing else keep on with the journey never stop .


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