Saturday, 16 September 2017

Veét / Razor-less Hair removal cream and Dove wash/moisture Skin Care 



 I have been using this product's for a very long time now, i can't take all the credit thanks for my boyfriend for getting me the Razor-less shave cream and my brother for getting the Veét cream.
Razor-less shave cream

I have tested the both hair removal cream's and figured I would share my humble opinion on them. The outer packaging of these cream's are made from plastic so fear not if you just ordered yours. I wish they came with a hand-gloves but they came with a flat spatula (It's washable so don't bother throwing it away) or use your fingers if that's your preference. They are highly fragranced products, which I personally like. If you aren't keen on strong scents, brace yourself or reconsider.
I let the cream sit for 5 - 10 mins, use baby-wipe to clean it off  ( You don't want to use your clean flannel),then later wash away any excess with water. I find them easy to wash off, which is always a bonus.

Spatula and Hair removal cream 
 3 steps on how to use these cream's:
  1. Using the curved part of the spatula, spread the Cream evenly to fully coat the hair.
  2. Leave the cream on your skin for 5-10 minutes, and then use the spatula to gently remove a small test area of cream.
  3. Later clean with baby-wipe then wash it off with water to keep the area clean.

DOVE:Nourishing Body-wash

If you ask me, skin cleansing should be as caring as any other part of our beauty routine. Which is why Dove body wash and beauty bars nourish skin, transforming daily cleansing into an act of care.

With Dove, your shower never looked so appealing. Explore the Dove beauty bar and body wash products as well as the lotion to help you bring out the beauty in your skin.

I recommend this product to any of you who has dry skin. Believe me you will never regret trying . And also keep 

please let me know below on the comment , which of these products you use and how were the result .


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