Thursday, 7 September 2017

Fashionnova Outfit's

                      FASHION TIP

IT's  a new year and you wish to outlook your style. but unfortunately  you don't have the  new wardrobe you wish for. Never give up , with the few you've got in the closet you can make fashion really proud .

You can take the things you already own and make them feel shiny and new again. for example , try to wear black top and pants or jeans .  
It's possible to wear palazzo pants well into winter, especially when you go for a pair in a thicker fabric. i love the idea of mixing up my decades by pairing the '70s-style pant with an '90s-style bodysuit. 

             Fashion is the best thing that ever happened to me . i have grown to love fashion and make style my best-friend .
       My outfit today is from #fashionova and i love the crop top and mini skirt with short fishnet leggings . We all know sometimes in life our outfit determine what people think about us and what they say about you,. 

The secret to mixing prints without looking confused or jumbled is to pick one main print and get creative with colour. Here, i will tell you where to start , first of all don't not let colour over take your shine, let dark be dark and let white be white .



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