Thursday, 7 September 2017




Looking good in pink dress, clear sandals and gold hand-bag is all you want. I was out with my friend's in London (oxford) life was great , i enjoyed myself and for a little while i forgot my problems. 
         I and my friend's were looking gorgeous that day and we all went out for shopping , food and games. We all meet on social media we all are 20 yrs old of age ( 4 girls) , we started chatting and introducing each other to our  friends so we planned to go out for a date and meet one another, surprisingly all the girls we on point we had the best time ever.

We took foto's , made video and promise to stay in contact with each other , help one another in time of needs and stay loyal to our friendship, then later went for coffee .

I have mentors. Mentors that value me enough to share the most sacred thing that someone can share, which is their knowledge.
I have teammates. Powerful men and women who see my success as their own and want to enable me.
I have confidantes. Vaults of trust that stand willing to share my burdens.
I may have friends, but I have a whole lot more, too.


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