Tuesday, 12 September 2017


                MY WEEKEND STYLE.
                        Open fashion !!

Fashion neverlies.

Hey guy's this week has been a very busy week for me , am soon to resume school this September and i have been stressing because UNI is not an easy place to study. Anywayssss, am loving this bandage dress from #fashionnova  .I decided to attend a night party with my girl friend to Manchester , it was lit , nice weather , low traffic , great party and again beautiful dress .

ABOUT ME: Am an open person when it comes to #fashion/#style , like someone will say i don't hide my feelings, (I dont hide my style ) i wear anything that makes me feel comfortable and smashing . I always leave smile and surprise on people's face when i walked into that door...

1* Why wait for someone to tell you what to wear?. When you have it all in your closet? .
2* Why rush to dress when you have got all the time to look beautiful?.
3* Why confuse on what to wear when your clothes are all in front of you?.

 Give yourself a chance to shine , surprise the world with your looks. Fashion is like the wind ,you let it blow you from left to right , its like waves, you let it carry you in to fashion and let the sun shine on you beauty .


My heart is bound, that's why am covered with bandage. My waist scream for piece but never let your shape tell your what to wear . My short hair tell your who i really am and my outfit show's your how i do it .

What do u think about my style? , do u think i need to explain myself more or this pics says it all?



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