Tuesday, 12 September 2017



Hey guys . Hope you hall had a wonderful summer holiday this year .Despite the cheeky bit of rain and cold wind , i think we got to enjoy a fair amount of sunshine before September comes to an end, i took advantage of the lovely weather last month weekend and spent it in Northampton with my girls in SELECT AND VAN SHOP.

While i was in Northampton during the day , i and my friends had a lovely day while shopping and grabbing lunch , in the evening we all went clubbing and you know , living my life (turning up) and the compliments i received about my outfit were endless .

Okay ! Here is the deal ....

I don't know about you guys but as much as i love wearing chains and chokers , my bank balance gives me a side eye for having the thought, so i had to look for an alternative ! and here we are....

This is a gold chain from Select , you have it in large , medium and small. If you're worried about it getting fake then don't bother at all cause this chain is one of the best You can find , it does come in other colours too . Don't be surprise about my highlighter i was feeling the sun that day .

I wore all black because i wanted my bag and shoes to be noticed, i know it's all about my style. How does optimism and a neutral fit correlate ? I dressed around my accessories for once.The bodysuit fit from the top brought out my colour bones and the gorgeous V from my chest .These ripped trousers completed the look , the give me a cheeky butt lift and i can't complain about it .And also there's something about black that makes me feel more feminine and empowered .

 Do you think i lived up to it with this looks or it it because of my outfit .



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