Wednesday, 13 September 2017


            Fashion and Beauty 

                                                    COLOUR; mother to Fashion

Hey beautyface hommies, I’ve got something appealing that we make use of in almost all aspects of our lives-COLOURS.

                       make fashionic use of colours in

In our context, I wish to talk about colours in respect to fashion…Sounds interesting ? 
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…the thing is, many of us barely know the implications of the colours we use on our daily routines. Here is a little explanation of what some basic colours represent:

-Red, orange and yellow evoke  warmth emotions ranging from feelings of comfort to feelings of anger and hostility, these colours are also referred to as “The Warmth” colors-

-Blue, purple and green  can call to mind feelings of sadness or indifference and most often described as calm

AND of course PINK which is my favourite colour is actually thought to be the most calming of all colours. Studies  have shown how pink can  actually calm aggression.

                                                                                                           I LOVE PINK in all  forms

 However, in as much as  some will say green should represents the natural world, red should represent love, and blue  calmness, green can also imply sick, red can represent danger and blue might symbolize depression in some contexts.

The use of colours can send positive or negative messages about you.

Here are some aspects which colour can highlight about you:

Enhances your shape; 

Enhances your weight; 

Enhances your personality; 

Enhances your beauty

The most interesting part of colour is when we do a mixture of more than two different colours.
We keep striving daily to pass across a particular message about ourselves  through colours; maybe with the colours of our hair, cloths, handbags, makeup, shoes, phones, colour of our rooms e.t.c

                                                           Some of us use colours seasonally
From that moment we pick out our clothes in the morning, to the shade of lipstick , to the time we put on our pajamas at night, colours communicate our emotions, identity and meaning.

That’s why it is very important that we chose our colours wisely, also try as much as possible to dress up with the colours you consider your favourites. Seek second opinion, make a mixture of colours too.

...hope this little piece of writing has inspired you on your  choice of colours.Have you figured out what your favourite colour is?If yes, 
 kindly share with us...



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