Friday, 15 September 2017

Fashion and Colour II:

What Colours do I wear for my date?

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''Finally I have a date... finally she says yessss to my invitation...finally he invited me out...The boy I have been crushing on invited me out...''
...And here the panicks 

''I need to live an appealing impression, I need him to invite me out  again...I need her to say yes to another date, therefore my outfit should be perfect, the colour of my outfit should sway him/her...In that case what  colours do I wear then? Oh my gosh it's fustrating..can't believe with all  these cloths in my closet I have no clue as to what colours to or not to wear for this date...FOR CRYING OUT LOUDDDD... The day I have been patiently waiting for is finally here...WHAT DO I DO?
Good news guys, beautyface got little tips for you on that... First of all everyone PLZZ don't wear YELLOW...whether you are a boy or a girl..
Men say the least attractive colours on a woman are yellow and brown, women on the other hand say the least attractive colours a man can ever wear are yellow and pink.
Women say the most attractive colors a man can wear are gray black, blue, green, and white.

Men say other most attractive colors for a woman to wear are blue, green, black, and purple.

However, men also say the most attractive color a woman can wear is red; especially  on a first date.

About 96% remember what the other person wore on their first date…and this most likely affected how attracted they were to them. are the five important colours you need to wear and why:

It brings out rest and can cause the body to produce  calmness. Blue also symbolizes trust, loyalty and wisdom. It also indicates confidence, faith, truth and stability. Blue is also considered as the most attractive colour on man.; but it should be noted that,  not all blues are tranquillizers.  Brilliant blues become dramatic.

Wearing black on a first date establishes a strong emotional reaction Source: iStock 
Research psychologist Richard G. Lewis says black is an influential colour as well as a colour of mystery. The colour black communicates power. Furthermore, colour expert Mabel Weaver notes that black is also a favoured colour because it can hide imperfections.

 Black can be an extremely influential color …  


Red is often associated with desire, craving, sex, and intensity  Source: iStock
If you want to get your date’s full attention and inspire sexy thoughts, wear red.
“Red promotes images and emotions of excitement, drama, urgent passion,  and is an appetite stimulant,” says Lewis.

White has many positive and negative meanings when it comes to first dates. The positive connotations include: innocence and cleanliness,while the  negative meanings include cowardliness, coverup , perversion of justice.
       White may be paired with black to signify authority and truth. 

This is a great colour for women for a casual first date. It meanings are mostly healthy: pretty, feminine, babyish, sweet.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that, while it is important to choose your colours carefully, also remember to pay attention to your overall look. Don’t forget basics like having neat hair, clean nails, and clothes that are free from noticeable wrinkles. Your first date is an opportunity to portray your  personality.

Try these Tips and let us know below...let us know how your date was;



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