Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dress for your shape not your weight .

                           Dress for your shape not your weight .

It is love itself that has complete power over us

Getting ready in the summer seems at least marginally easier than getting ready for winter, in that you don’t have to futz with layers or beanies or scarves. But here’s one thing you probably forgot. Toeing the line between staying cool and staying, well, appropriate, isn’t always easy when it’s hot AF out.

I had a wide variety of friends, hundreds of friends all over the place, but that’s different. I am talking about the bond that I built with real friends – I always thought it was absolute. But over a period of time, with the experience of life, I realised there are very few people who see friendship like that. Most people see friendship as context-oriented. When you are in school, you have one kind of friend. When school is over, you just drop them and pick college friends. When college is over, professional friends, and whatever else. That’s how people look at friendship. I’ve not been able to look at it like that. I am not disgruntled, but it has been a learning experience about human nature.

Who’s your main inspiration?

I see inspiration all around me, there isn’t a sole person and or thing that inspires me. I love to see women of all sizes, shapes, and cultures living out loud, exploring differing interpretations on personal style, and a walk down vintage lane always stirs up my creativity.

Dress for your shape not your weight .

The air takes us to many places ,sometimes we wish to stay but it's too windy for our little time.The earth could quake to ruin, we could drift off in our sleep, i know we hate to think about it but it's as real as you and me. 

   Sometime we have to back the ocean , and face the thunder coming in-from of us, the only thing that can't live us is fashion. My shape is a challenge , when i step out i feel better knowing my pieces will always be put together .

Go for the light, choose your shine, there's always another chance in life (fashion).


How was your summer ?

Where did you spend it ?


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