Friday, 8 September 2017


                        ACT CASUAL 

Addressing the candid theme of nudity , i am essentially choosing to be naked . Not in the lack of clothing sense you might be thinking . I will not be thotting' and doping' around in my spaghetti top . I meant being naked in my truth , taking a leap of faith with my ideas and speaking them into existence is my fresh start.      

    Time waits for no one and this is the perfect moment to answer the call  to the one thing you keep saying you will start but never did , it may be a business venture vlog, you-tube channel , or a job application . 

Why haven't you executed your idea ? Why are you letting your vision die ? are you afraid to be judged or failure ? 
                 (Don't be , you will only disappoint yourself . There is a beauty in vulnerability . You can connect to your deepest self and surprise yourself. ) 
Shine for yourself don't let anyone shine for you.

KEEP SHINING ! My goal and power word for this week is Shine. Do you have items that you hang on to because you will "wear it one day " but never do ? let me now i cannot be the only one . ;)


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