Thursday, 19 April 2018

Why You Should Make Make Up Part of Your Daily Routine...

                      “fake it till you make it” 

Have you ever wondered how you would look with make up? Have you also thought of making make up a daily Routine?

FYI; Make up originates from the copper and lead ore that the ancient Egyptians used to create the world's first cosmetics...women used burnt matches to darken their eyes, berries to stain their lips and young boys' urine to fade their freckles. They even swallowed ox bloodin some misguided attempt to improve their complexions... crazy as it may sound,Women throughout history put their health at risk with many of their homemade cosmetics. 
Let's see some reasons why it is essential to put on make up...

First of all, the Fun it comes with; 
Truth be told...One of the main reasons why I wear makeup is because it is fun.I find pleasure in designing my face with my make up kit. Isn't it that we should always find pleasure in what ever thing we do in life? Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the business, make up is a thrilling activity.

It can make you appear more competent than you think...
Ladies, we all have that inborn make up talent...One of the many ways through which I express my talent is during make up; although at the beginning I was nervous that I won't do it correctly; Questions may pop up your head as in What if I overdose the foundation? the eyelashes, the eye shadow etc. 
But you won't know until you try... Take it a step at a time, don't rush and remember it's not a competition- It's all about the fun.
It’s designated “you” time.
I know you’re busy. But whether your morning makeup routine takes you four minutes or 40,that’s time you are spending on yourself — 

 It can boost your confidence

“Putting on makeup is like putting on a pair of high heels. It gives you confidence and makes you feel more in control,” says Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia.This too applies to make up. It is very important for one to build up self confidence...make up gives you that sensation that you can have it all.

I create "beauty tutorials" on youtube to help readers  with every details on make up. I make beauty videos every week.


"Work with passion and not with colours ."

Monday, 25 December 2017


                                                  MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS

It's Christmas again. The best holiday, some people don't really believe in Christmas while some do. It takes two to enjoy Christmas and one to judge Christmas.           So its finally Christmas, and we all are looking for the best gifts for our love ones, family, and friend, because Christmas is all about sharing gift's, coming together, posting holiday dessert, and dinner recipes which is always a hot topic.Today i'm so excited to share this post with you all and  for two reasons. The first reason because, i have a  great gifts to share with you this holiday season and the second reason is its Christmas. I received some items which i will be showing you all as you read through my blog.

 .Can we talk about Marc b. and their bags real quick?
While I was in London with a friend, I used this bag through out the day (while shopping, grabbing lunch and  watching movies at the theatre) as well as clubbing, as you know, living my life!
Okay attention, this is how i got this bag. 
I have been on the hunt for a quilted bag for a while and my mind has been set on finding one that meets the coveted standards of a classic Chanel handbag. Now I don’t know about you guys but as much as I love Chanel’s quilted and boy bags, my bank balance gives me a side eye for having the thought, so one morning as i was going through my email, i found out i received a message like one week ago, saying "would like to collaborate with me, and they will send me any item of my choice. All i had to do was put in my address and the like of items i would like to receive, and when i receive i just need to take a picture of it, post it on my Instagram and tag them on it"  I had to look for an alternative! And here we are…

 If you are worried about getting make up on it etc, it does come in other colours too!  Don’t be surprised if I’m back with the blush pink one! The bag itself comes with two different removable straps that you can switch according to your preferred style. I quite like strap with their signature laced chain detail. Yes, although it is a cross body bag, it can be carried as a clutch bag too! this bag has three compartments to it and so would be the perfect accessory to fit your many necessities.

I hope you enjoy you Christmas. Despite the cheeky bit of rain, I think we got to enjoy the shooting stars! while i enjoy mine.

Do you think I lived up to it with this look? Or is it because of the bag?


Saturday, 23 December 2017


                                          BUFFET AND WHITE-WINE

There's is not date without dinner. In everything you do baby girl, do not forget your dinner, especially buffet; The best dinner you can ever have with your date in the winter.

So it was THURSDAY. I ans a friend of mine decided to go for a dinner date to taste some tasty Chinese food and some good wine.

Before we went on this date be both were starving, we didn't had any break, nor lunch. So when we got there it was 1 hour earlier and we had to wait in the car. But is restaurant was very clean, well arrange, and has beautiful furniture's.

We may have unceremoniously made ourselves comfortable close to four couples, who sat at a table of four, they were all other each other, without a break.

Anyways, the cocktail menu was overwhelming. You just need to know the kind fruits you want, and you would be able to manipulate through it without any stress. But like you all know me, i do with White or Red -Wine. The foods were lovely.
1. Chinese-style deep fried salty shrimp, Mandarin shrimps, Mushroom-beef, Wine.
2. Deep fried shrimps, Beef chop suey, BBQ ribs, Deep fried chips, Pina cocktail.

Mandarin shrimp, Greens, Hot chilly pepper, Mandarin beef.

After the fourth plate food and third glass of white wine, i had to take a break, because the food couldn't go in anymore. The Staff's were friendly and they attended to all of my request , you don't need to stand up or shout out for them because they were just walking around to re-fill or clear the table. We received fabulous service.

It didn't end there. Where the dessert at!? For dessert we went for ice-cream and fruits.

Ice-cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea)
Fruit (plum, melon,  pineapple)

We ended the day with our two gifts, with a glass of white wine each. It was a lovely evening, i would recommend this restaurant to anyone, don't for get try the cocktails, and the white wine, because you would love them.

Don't over feed yourself.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love Gera

Tuesday, 19 December 2017


                                  Where there's fashion there's clothes.

This year summer was great, despite the fact that i was busy with work, i also tried making time for my friends and my pet which i got. His name is Tray, he is the sweetest Bunny ever, we had a great summer together.  Uh! its not about my bunny its about Fashion, sorry guys!.

Summer came late this year, compare to Belgium weather. But it was fun, i did some shopping, outing. Keep up with my INSTAGRAM to see my fun pictures.
I have been using my time to get to know new styles, a bit more and becoming comfortable with every style i come across. As you go through my blog you notice i tried almost everything. I put effort, Passion, love, ideas on my styles.

I always say do it for yourself and not for anyone, because no matter how hard you try to be perfect something would always try to stand on your way.

I live it, how i get  it. I treat life the way life treats me back with love 

Not trying to be naughty 

I'm still playing with my rose-gold colour as you can see, it is my number one colour. These dress is so classic and has great material, comfortable and it's easy to pick the perfect shoes for. Dress from Fashionnova you can also get them from Houseofcb. These soft, light, see through jacket is from Shein, it fits very well with my dress, you can only wear these  jacket during summer or fall not for winter, please!!.

I have also fallen in-love with my S-shape, i mean who wouldn't, am living with the lights on and u can see me shining because am ( GREEN. RED. YELLOW). I came from the ghetto and i ain't going back.  My wardrobe is about to fall off, Yeah; i know when ever i go shopping i don't think about my wardrobe until i come home to pack them in. I shop for my S-shape and not  for my height, lol.

Now is the time to shine my dear friends. I wonder how many of you out there right now will say "it's easy for me to say". Well guys I've got a job which i do 13h in a day, 5 days in a week, school, a lover to share my time with, my pet, my family to check on in Africa, only them Africans will understand my statement. WELL! we all need a break after all, don't say you will do it ; tomorrow might be too late to regret.

Are you just starting to realise or you are still wondering where to start. Well,  give me a text if u need me and i will be glad to help. 

Have a great week
Love Gera

Saturday, 16 December 2017


                                                 SHOES FOR THE LOOK

                                                             EGO SHOES 

Hello guys am back again with my fashion and styling. I just received 3 gorgeous per of shoes from Ego, if u don't know Ego don't worry i will leave a link below where u would find their website and Instagram page. But first let's talk about my shoes.
 This heels are called SOLANGE , its beautiful, comes in different colours likes WHITE, RED, BLACK, and NUDE. The blinks are real don't worry you won't loss them, it has zip on the back, and elastic on the ankle.   

These heels are comfortable and not too high, i would recommend them for someone who is small in height or scared to wear heels.
Truth be told! I do like charming high heels for outing like dates or partying with friends. I chose my heels blindly with no point of reference to judge which colour it is. However, choosing the right outfit to match my heels would probably be wise.

One unique thing about these boots is that you do not need socks wearing them, WHY! because they are very warm inside and very comfortable, this heel are not leather so don't worry about them getting spoiled by water. These heels are called BRYONY , i would recommend them to everyone.

What would you wear this heels with?
1. Skinny jeans  
       2. Summer flew dress
      3.Long straight skirt 

If you aren't blessed with height, then high heels should be your best friend. There is no shame being small in height, well short is the new HIGHLIGHT. I find women in heels more more good looking, mature and professionally well dressed. I love my heels these is why EGO is my best online shoe line, check out my INSTAGRAM page and watch me rock my heels.

Biker boots just got a killer update with the addition of SCarlett. Featuring velvet lace up, stud detail and faux leather finish, this is the baddest biker boot around this season! Dress yours with fishnet socks, boyfriend jeans and t shirt for a bad ass daytime look not to be messed with.
Material: Synthetic
Available Colours: BLACK and MAROON

What do u think about my shoes, Would you wear them? if YES! then what are you waiting for SHOP MY LOOK



The winter is a SNOWY one, i played with a few bright and bold colours. Yellow being one of them, Aside from being the ''Lady in red" on one or two occasions, i generally shied away from wearing colours but have grown to understand how much it compliments my skin tone.


WOW. I rocked yellow jacket for a day and it was amazing. I've got issues, guys! with pretty things and it is a big deal, don't judge me while am shining because i only see blinks not hates.

I always keep it calm with my colours, WINE RED AND LEMONADE YELLOW and it feel super sassy when i match them up. Like i always say "DRESS HOT AND COMFORTABLE" and not "BORING OR SLEEPY. Let your outfit change the weather

 and let your friends have a word to talk about in the future.

  Faux Leather Buckle Belt Epaulet Detail Moto Jacket • Romwe • $38.99
Women's Nike 'Air Huarache' Sneaker • Nike • $110
LEVI'S 501 Skinny. • Levi's • $86



Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dress for your shape not your weight .

                           Dress for your shape not your weight .

It is love itself that has complete power over us

Getting ready in the summer seems at least marginally easier than getting ready for winter, in that you don’t have to futz with layers or beanies or scarves. But here’s one thing you probably forgot. Toeing the line between staying cool and staying, well, appropriate, isn’t always easy when it’s hot AF out.

I had a wide variety of friends, hundreds of friends all over the place, but that’s different. I am talking about the bond that I built with real friends – I always thought it was absolute. But over a period of time, with the experience of life, I realised there are very few people who see friendship like that. Most people see friendship as context-oriented. When you are in school, you have one kind of friend. When school is over, you just drop them and pick college friends. When college is over, professional friends, and whatever else. That’s how people look at friendship. I’ve not been able to look at it like that. I am not disgruntled, but it has been a learning experience about human nature.

Who’s your main inspiration?

I see inspiration all around me, there isn’t a sole person and or thing that inspires me. I love to see women of all sizes, shapes, and cultures living out loud, exploring differing interpretations on personal style, and a walk down vintage lane always stirs up my creativity.

Dress for your shape not your weight .

The air takes us to many places ,sometimes we wish to stay but it's too windy for our little time.The earth could quake to ruin, we could drift off in our sleep, i know we hate to think about it but it's as real as you and me. 

   Sometime we have to back the ocean , and face the thunder coming in-from of us, the only thing that can't live us is fashion. My shape is a challenge , when i step out i feel better knowing my pieces will always be put together .

Go for the light, choose your shine, there's always another chance in life (fashion).


How was your summer ?

Where did you spend it ?

Why You Should Make Make Up Part of Your Daily Routine...

                        “fake it till you make it”  Have you ever wondered how you would look with make up? Have you also thought of ...