Monday, 23 July 2018


                                         VELVET CAVIAR

So guys!!! I came across this page on Instagram and I saw this gorgeous phone cases from Velvet caviar and these cases are the best , the most exciting thing about Velvet is, you can get all the colours you ever dreamed of and they are affordable.

I am a big fan of Android, what about you?. Have you got Android or iOS phone? are you that person who likes changing phone cases? well! Velvet have got everything and even rings for your cases with prefect shapes, designs and prints, nothing else we can ask for but a perfect phone case for our pretty Selfies.
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I’m a lover of beauty and fashion, i love to change my phone cases to fit my outside for the day i can't count how many times i change my outfit in one day, hihi. I have an eye for aesthetics and that’s why I design my own used Phones, sometimes I try to paste some artificial flowery designs to it to make it more cuter. I thought looking for beautiful phone cases could make me experience more skills for my design work.

Would you dream for a cute phone case and ring for you phone? Would you like to have as many phone cases and rings to match you outfit ?. Just so know you, you are are never going to have a smartphone shipped with additional phone cases or with your dream cases and rings for your phone but Shopping at Velvet gives you the chance to search for the perfect colour and print for the cases you wish to have, you might have different desire, but they have more cute and sexy designs with the original creation.

Now, the beauty is that phone covers are not expensive so you can completely change the look of your phone without your bank account feeling the weight.


Once your order is placed, it will be shipped to your address within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. Orders placed before 1pm EST Monday-Friday will ship the same day! If you ordered after 1pm EST on a Friday, your order will be shipped the following Monday. Each customer will be provided with a tracking number via email, allowing you to follow the progress of your package. Please visit Velvet Caviar  for more information and please tag #velvetcaviar to be featured on their page.

Thank you.
Geraldine Bln__k 

Monday, 9 July 2018


                  Beaut boutique


Beaut_boutique has change my style for a whole day and the lives of my Instagram followers, if you are not following me on Instagram go follow before you continue reading.

How can one look so amazing in this live, so hot that even your mama wanna be you in 23 seconds loll, this out fit is the bomb and it's one of the best summer outfit i have had this year, boutique is a place where every girl will like to be this summer, once you are there, the summer will be on your knees beginning for help.

My look is just amazing not only the way i dressed but also the posture of my body it makes the picture look like am about to sign a Victoria secret contract; i mean!! what else is on my list of pay. 

This out fit is just perfect for outing, clubbing and side-seeing at the beach, 

This two piece are absolutely perfect for a good afternoon with bae when the sun is shining. Not only are they an instant outfit, but they show off your amazing legs and body posture. I recommend styling a boutique for a night out with some sky high heels, blond or black hair wig and a cute clutch bag and you're ready to go. Just to be prepared for the ultimate night out dilemma.

My snap-chat (Gerapink) has become a world of red boutique, i took 41 snaps the day i tried it my two piece on just to be sure that was me, and if i was the right person wearing the outfit. 

Looking for that summer upgrade? Then you've got to outfit to impress! The good news is that these two pieces are just as comfy as they are glam. Why not pair your Boutique with some summery wedges for take-off? extra tip, by wearing you wedges on the plane you'll be saving that all important space in your suitcase. Win Win!! 

For more details about my two piece, click here to buy and its only 2 days delivery to your home address, don't forget to tag me on Instagram and i will comment and like your pictures. Stay bless and continue to share the love. 

love Bln__k 

Sunday, 24 June 2018


                       LOTD.COM CLOTHES REVIEW 

Shopping with LOTD has not only changed my life but has chance my looks, Mt friend recommended Lotd to me not long ago and it took me two weeks to get into the website because i was too busy checking expensive thing on Zara and Fashion-nova, but when i got into Lotd i didn't want to let go, i kept checking this website three times a day i spend lots of hours just going through their beautiful clothes. 

They have beautiful items and always on sales i decided to go for my first shopping which was cheap and i was in doubt if these items where gonna be the kinds of items i would purchase at fashion-nova or at Zara like i will always go for my expensive store's but this website put me in a big shook when my items arrived which was just two days delivery to my address.



I went for this dress which i matched it up with my wig from APRILLACEWIG and shoes from SIMMI

 This dress got me so high, girls!!!!! am screaming for help because the sky is my limit, this dress was true to size, the material is as perfect as it is on your mind, my dress was on 50% off and returns are also free, i bet i look hotter than the model on Lotd but she is beautiful.

scrolling down Lotd website i noticed they have almost same products as Fahionnava but they are lot more cheaper, like i always ask my friend why would they go this cheap when they have the best quality of clothes, but never the less i am happy i came across their store. A store that always has sale is the best store anyone will like to shop in.

They have the best summer items, they are just incredible and i will recommend lotd, if you are someone who likes flower clothes like me during the summer then Lotd has gotten them for you, everything one can ask they have got it on their website no doubt.

A little message from Lotd;
We connect with girls and women alike who want to feel good in what they are wearing. We are the online fashion experts, here to dress you from the 9-5 to the weekend, and everything in between. We connect through a mutual love of fashion; a place where women of all ages (that’s you), can be inspired to look good - every day. At LOTD, you'll find your Look of The Day, be inspired with all the latest women's clothesfootwearand must have styles and trends. With hundreds of new clothes every week, you'll find your next favourite dresscoat or top. We aim to be inspirational, confident, creative and fun in everything we do and you can inspire us and others by sharing your ultimate #MyLOTD on social! We will make you the best dressed for less - prices from only £3 in sizes 6 - 16 plus Fast UK Delivery & FREE Returns. Shop now for dressestopstrouserscoats & jacketsshoes and accessories.

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This set are absolutely gorgeous, it had it's ups and downs from my own experience, but overall it wasn't bad for the price. I did make good use out of the cleanser, mask, and the moisturiser so it definitely was not a waste for me! Before recommending the set, I would have to say you should make sure you definitely know what skin type you have so you know you're getting the correct products. I think my face probably needed the Oily set cause of my dry skin, but then, that could just be because the products made my skin overproduce oils...even though it was the normal skin type set that I used. I'm not so sure... I think I would still recommend Time Wise over this one because I feel like that was worth the money since it gave me better results when I used it back when I was a rep. for Mary Kay. 

Let's start with the Cleanser. This products definitely feels refreshing on your skin, and it'll make your face feel clean. The downside to this product, at least for me, was that it really never lathered or felt soapy in any way. I couldn't tell if it was truly cleaning my face or if I was just rubbing watery lotion all over and washing it off. However, I got a Face Massager and Exfoliator from Amazon, and it worked pretty well with this cleanser. Where I was thinking the cleanser fell short, it made me feel confident that the cleanser was working a lot better. I'm thinking this cleanser probably needs some kind of cleansing brush in order to truly clean off your face within the pores and everything.

It comes in a light pink glass bottle with a very light consistency which doesn’t leave any forms of white cast over the skin. The sun protection factor isn’t that high but it contains a Pronewal System that gives crucial protection during the day. I didn’t like the scent of this as well though. It also comes in the same glass bottle as the day solution except that it’s transparent. I thoroughly enjoy this product because of the light texture of the serum. Much to my astonishment, the rich texture absorbed fairly quickly onto the skin! No sticky residue I assure you 😉 It makes my skin feel plumped up with moisture and pretty much smoothing out any imperfections.

I was rather sceptical with this brand at first because I haven’t encountered nor experienced any of its products before. However, some of the products in the range actually surprised me which I thought was not bad, given that it’s my first time trying them out.
There are actually two different sets here and a body care product that I’ll be talking about – the Microdermabrasion Plus Set, the Time Wise Miracle Set and a body lotion targeting cellulite!
The Microdermabrasion Plus Set (£146) consists of two products – the Microdermabrasion Refine (£68), an exfoliating scrub that helps to take away the impurities and buildup in the pores. Using the same professional grade exfoliating crystals used by dermatologists, it claims to immediately energise skin and reveal more radiant and healthy-looking skin.

Next up were these shy blush, i will note that the pink one in particular was not very pigmented,but the dark pink colour was pretty. I wouldn’t wear cheek puderrouge, but it might be fun to use the dark pink colour to line my lower cheek line for evening. Overall I’d say that these are just okay, they would be fun to try out.

To get this products please click HERE and get your own items on the best prices,don't forget to tag them on INSTAGRAM for a chance to be featured on their page, and also TAG me on your Mary-kay post so i can like and comment  

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Sunday, 3 June 2018


I was actually surprised at the amount when people started asking me about my Fashion Nova clothes since I posted those pictures on my Instagram (you know which one, but if not, it's down below). I forgot that there has been a good amount of controversy surrounding the brand, and if you're not familiar with it, just look up any Youtube review on their clothes.

Fashion Nova is notorious for using models with ridiculously skinny waists and huge behinds on their website, so their clothing seems a bit crazy because literally no one looks like the women do on their website. Are they photoshopped? Fashion Nova claims they're not, but hey, every picture that goes up on the internet is edited, so we may never know.

I decided to give you my review on the 3 orders I've gotten from them so far. Take a look!

I do enjoy Fashion Nova and will give them an A- overall in my book. The only real con I had was from my negative experience was size just once which honestly, makes me question what items I'm going to buy, aka I'm not buying any pants anymore that don't have drawstrings because I don't want to return them if they don't fit well. However, if they keep growing at the rate they are now, who knows, maybe there will be a change!

I accidentally ordered a medium jeans when I size to a small, which, I feel like shouldn't have been a problem on me. HOWEVER, GIRL! I tried the pants on anyway and the waist was soooo, SO big that the pants actually fell off of me. Like I was so shocked because the model in the picture has the smallest waist, which I figured would be great since I have a smaller waist, they are also meant to be high waist, yet the waist of those pants was not workable at all, i manage to stitch it and the waist was perfect however, so that was the only sizing pass so I may end up staying with pants with drawstring waists.

LOVE! This is probably my favorite part about Fashion Nova. You definitely get your moneys worth. Like I mentioned above, I believe the quality is pretty good for the price. The other best part about this is they always, like ALWAYS have some sort of sale or coupons out there you can use. You can get 15% off your purchase just for signing up to their emails. If you haven't done this yet, go ahead and download the FASHIONNOVA. I was able to get 40% off one of my orders just from using the app. I was able to get about 8 or 9 pieces of clothing from them for less than $100 which I call a steal since I'm attempting to revamp my entire closet. 

I wouldn't say this is the highest quality of clothes i have used last/this year, I do enjoy the way that the clothes I haven't gotten feel. Every bodysuit I've gotten is very soft and comfortable to wear. I was most sceptical about the pants but they are made very well. I compare the style and collections of their clothing to Windsor Store and Missguided (some may include Forever 21, Tobi and Charlotte Russe but I think they are a step down from these stores). Out of the 3, I would say the quality of Fashion Nova is about the same, if not a bit better. The materials are well put together and I would say very worth it for the price.

If you have any more questions or comments about Fashion Nova, please leave them down below and we'll talk! Tag me on Instagram of any looks you have wearing their clothes as well, and I'll REPLY you or give you a story shout-out! I will also list every item I got from them down below so you can see what I got.


Love @Bln__k



  From the beginning my hair was a mess; I tried every single hair product recommended to me by friends and family yet no good result. My hair and i have been through hell every day, month, and year.

Today Coco & Eve and i collaborate and i received this beautiful production from them so i could make a video and share my experience with you all, and i won't lie it't been a great experience for me and it will be for you once you start using this product, my hair came to life, i felt like a new born baby that morning, my hair smelled so nice that i had to hide this product from my mum but unfortunately she found it and started using and even ordered her own product which am not allow to go close to.


This is when I came across Coco & Eve. On a particularly bad hair day, I noticed the brand on Instagram and knew I had to try this new-to-the-UK product. So, i sent them a collab request which was accepted in less than 24h, within 2 days i received my product here’s the lowdown on the Coco & Eve’s Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque.



What exactly is this miracle masque I hear you ask? Well, Coco & Eve’s Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque is a 5-in-1 treatment, which was made to restore dry and damaged hair, improve hair texture and shine, hydrate and deeply condition, treats split ends and tame frizz, transforming your hair in only 10 minutes.

Founded in Bali, this masque was created to get your hair back to live, with only the best ingredients.

It’s also completely free from sulphates and parabens, gluten-free, cruelty-free and 100% vegan and is made using 5 key ingredients: coconut, fig, shea butter, argan oil and linseed.

The brand won over plenty of beauty fans. So, what do Team SWD think of this wonder product – and is it a good investment for pre-wedding pampering?


So, on to the product itself. First thing I have to note: it smells seriously amazing. So amazing, I made the entire SWD team smell it, just to agree how amazing it smells. I also made my mum and sister do this smell test too. And my boyfriend. Any my boyfriend’s dog, by accident, but she also seemed to give the gorgeous smell her nod of approval so that’s something too.

I washed my hair as normal then used around a 50p-sized amount of the masque through the ends of my hair. Having the tangle tamer really helps to evenly distribute the product through your hair too and makes it so much easier drying it later.

I left the hair mask in for around 5-10 minutes, but Coco & Eve also say you can leave the product on even longer for a more intensive treatment, with the option to leave it in overnight, which I’m planning on doing over the coming months.

I was a tad cynical that I would really see any difference in my hair. After my first use, I did notice my hair felt smoother, but it was the second time I used it that I could seriously see why everyone on Instagram was talking about it. My hair dried a lot sleeker, the ends of my hair looks shinier already and so much more hydrated.

BEFORE                              AFTER

I’m going to continue using coco & eve masque and show you all how much it improves my hair will be, although I already think it’s going to be a favourite the more I use it.

It might be a slight beauty investment, but you’re totally worth it! Just think how great and fabulous your hair will be come. 



Love @Bln__k

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cool Glow Highlighter Palette review

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cool Glow Highlighter Palette

Makeup Revolution; just slaying it at the moment! In the last few months that I’ve been blogging Super-drug store has brought out unique, versatile and extremely exciting products than any-other brand I know,They are almost my favourite makeup brand at the moment above all others and they’re cruelty free, very affordable and they cater for all skin types and tones. I love it!

When I saw this highlighting palette last Wednesday (the day of its release), I ordered myself one and one for my mum. The colours were just too fine to pass up without buying.
This palette really reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit especially the green shade which is very much like ABHs Lucky Clover. 
The palette itself came in the most gorgeous packaging – an amazing box! It is sturdy and you get a lot of product in each pan. The texture of some of the powders are are lovely as well, the liquid revolution highlighter, i found that thick to be the case when I was swatching it with my finger. When the product is applied with a brush, it is a lot smoother on the skin. 

Overall, I am happy with my palette. I absolutely love every single shade of it and i think only one wouldn’t work on my skin tone as a highlighter and that is the peachy bronze tone – but this would make an awesome eye-shadow instead. 
The palette would be suited  for all skin tones.

To buy your Makeup Revolution Ultra Cool Glow palette, click SUPER-DRUG STORE
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                                         VELVET CAVIAR So guys!!! I came across this page on Instagram and I saw this gorgeous phone...